TIER 1 - Top TIER supplier

One of the most advanced forging productions in Europe

Marovt advanced forging 4.0

12 modern forging lines for forged parts from small boutique size up to a million series

Forging the future today

Complete solutions from the idea to the final product

From the order to the prototype in 6 weeks

All pieces are manufactured according to the same technological

procedure in compliance with strictest quality standard IATF 16949


We are experienced in the production of parts made of different material. The majority is made of stainless steel. Moreover, we manufacture products made of hardened material of 64 Hrc.More about

50 years of experience with development and production of forged parts for automotive industry worldwide

The main activity of our company is the high-quality forging, machining of forged parts and the production of turning parts for the most prestige leading trade marks in the automotive industry (Daimler-Mercedes, Audi Group, Volkswagen Group, etc).We are the first-class supplier with almost 50-year experience, credibility and reliability – Tier 1 / Top Tier in one of the most demanding industries in the world.

As one of the fastest growing Slovenian family-owned companies with over 250 employees we can pride ourselves on the technologically most advanced forging production in Slovenia and one of the most advanced in Europe.Since beginning, we have been motivated by complicated problems of our customers and results after solving them successfully.

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Quality planned to the last detail

We are holder of one of the most demanding certificates in the automotive industry. The whole production works in accordance with IATF 16949 Quality Standard. Due to high standards of our customers we have a strict quality control system everywhere in the production.In the planning process of tools and processes we use the most advanced program for the QForm digital forging simulation having a huge impact on the quality of the first pieces and serial products. The forging simulation and our own tool-making factory are key factors of achieving the short-term deadlines for samples which is one of our main competitive advantages.