On 5th and 6th June the “5th western Balkan purchasing initiative” took place. Our company was selected to participate in a strategically important conference.

This week our safety engineer attended a machine safety training (CMSE) in Finland and obtained the “CERTIFIED MACHINERY SAFETY EXPERT” certificate.

Since our company looks ahead, our representatives have attended the SEE AUTOMOTIVE conference which is being held in Belgrade this week.

Our technology solution providers – the companies of Inkolteh and Moderne tehnologije – have been presented at the industrial fair in Celje since today. Both of them take care of our company to become technologically improved day by day and follow the 4.0 industry trends.

Today you can visit us at the Secondary technical school in Maribor where our scholarship holder Tim Marovt made an interesting presentation. Read more

A new robot joined us this week in Sl. Bistrica. Many thanks to the Moderne tehnologije company for another successful project.

DID YOU KNOW that our company has 1 robot per 10 employees? This is not just more than the Slovenian but also more than the European average.